Monday, January 23, 2012

Sometimes a sample is necessary... decide whether or not you should buy the big bag of tea.  And thankfully, I won't have to spend a dime on this sample bag.  Thanks Raul for the taste, but I'm not going to buy this tea.

Sunday brunch at 3 Brothers in Rockville Centre, followed by a trip to Home Goods always puts me in a great mood.  I enjoy brunch with Raul.  It's the only time we get to sit & really chat about our tea addiction.  He works crazy pastry chef hours & I have a normal day job, so seeing my BFF is sometimes a challenge.  I love when the stars align & give us some time to get together.  And brunch at 3 Brothers is always a great place to catch up.

For the record, I love their pancakes.  Fresh fruit on top of light & fluffy pancakes!!  OMG!  So yummy!!!  And I highly recommend the cappaccino!  It's delicious. 

During the meal we are talking about the new teas we've tried.  We're talking about our reviews on Steepster...seriously, I love that site!  And we are talking about all the tea companies out there that we have to try.  The list is long!  Just thinking about all the blog material I'm going to have makes me happy!

Raul was kind enough to share a little taste of a tea he loves.  He knows I am hooked on the Lime in the Coconut, seriously it's my #1 tea these days.  So he offers me a taste of a Pistachio Lime Yerba Mate from the Fusion Tea Room. 

I've read the reviews on Steepster for Pistachio Lime & they were pretty good, so I had high hopes for this tea....

...boy was I seriously let down!

I made the tea in my favorite teapot.  Seriously, I love this set!  Definitely glad I bought it.  I brewed it according to the directions....boiling water, steep for 5 to 10 minutes, then serve. 

I liked the smell of the tea dry in the bag.  It smelled a lot like lime, while no pistachio scent was detected, I could see pieces of pistachios in the tea.  I figured the taste would come out in the brewing... didn't.

The first cup smelled good.  I got the lime scent.  It was faint, but it was there.  And I had a scent of something herbal & strong.  Almost medicinal.  No pistachio.

As for the taste?
Slight lime citrus, something medicinal & then the aftertaste like someone had added Splenda when I wasn't looking.  It was harsh.  Very strong & very unenjoyable.

I decided to try a piece of cake with the tea to maybe make it more enjoyable.  So I served myself a slice of this lemon lime poke cake I had made.

For the record, the cake came out delicious!

So what did I really think of the tea?
A bit harsh, not too much of a lime flavor, some funky aftertaste & a medicinal taste that made me cringe.
For my first venture into a yerba mate tea it was a bad experience.  I didn't like this tea at all.  It was way too harsh & there was nothing positive about my opinion.

Definitely glad I got a free sample from Raul.  I was tempted to buy at all.

Oh well.
You don't know how it tastes till you try it.

There are plenty of more teas out there to be tried & I'm looking forward to my next cup....

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