Friday, January 13, 2012

For those times you want to share....

Tonight's pot of tea is from California Tea House.  It's a lovely white tea called White Peony.  It is a simple, yet delicious flavor.  There is a sweet almost fruity scent about it.  And it's delightful in taste!  Definitely adding it to the favorites list. 

Hmmm...maybe I need to start keeping a list of my favorites?  There's a thought.....

So tonight I get home from work & receive a phone call from an old friend.  Someone I used to work with a few years ago.  She is back in town for a few days & wants to stop over to talk to me.  Of course I say sure, no problem.

I have two hours before her arrival so I start making some cupcakes.  If there's one thing you are guaranteed when you get to my home, it's good conversation, lots of laughs, something to drink & of course cupcakes!

Ahh...the might cupcake!  Just the promise of one brings people to my door.  And throwing a pot of tea into the offer lately, seems to help.

While the cupcakes are baking, I now have to decide what tea to make. 

Hmmm...what tea will work with a strawberry cupcake? 

It needs to be something white or maybe a light fruit flavor? 

Definitely a white tea. 

And it's then I realize I need to make the White Peony sample I have. 

And of course there is no need to stress over which teapot is being used.  I am going straight for my favorite....

I love smelling any tea before brewing it.  It helps me get a feel for the tea. 

The tea smells delightful!

White teas are normally very light in color.  Their leaves are often fuzzy & this can make for some unusually great flavors.  I tend to like white teas because they are light.  Their flavors are more Earthy...almost like a green tea, but sometimes more sweet.

White teas often come in citrus flavors, but they can also come with floral tones.

This is what an amazing White Peony loose leaf tea will look like....

The smell of this tea is typical of a white tea.  It's both pleasant & promising.  It's sweet with a hint of Earth.  Yup, I like white tea.

The cupcakes are done & cooling.  I'll wait till it's time to frost them before the tea gets started.  Luckily I have time before my guest arrives.

After I finish frosting a few cupcakes, I put my mind towards making the tea. 

I take out my favorite teapot & put in five teaspoons of the White Peony tea.  I love the smell of these leaves dry.  I just know it's going to be a great pot of tea.

I add the water, not boiling, but just before boiling.  The tea leaves come alive.  They let off an inviting aroma that is still promising a great flavor.

And now it's time to pour a cup....

My friend was nervous about trying this tea.  She claimed to not be a fan of white tea.  After my first sip, I'm sure she is going to change her mind!

After a few sips, she is looking to take some of this tea home with her!


It's a success!!

Also a success are the strawberry cupcakes. 

I love sharing my home with my friends.  Everyone is always welcomed here.  Cupcakes will be made & tea will be shared.

I enjoy my tea addiction.  I love sharing my notes on the teas I have tried.  I don't care whether it's good or bad, as long as I'm honest about it.  And I love sharing my tea addition here in this blog.

I'm learning a lot about tea on  It's a great site for tea addicts or people looking to learn about tea.  I recommend it to anyone looking for some great teas to try.  The people are very friendly & quite helpful.  And while I've only been on the site for a short time, I've made several friends.  And I'm already swapping tea! 

I'll never run out of blog material until I have tried every tea ever made....oh come on...not even this tea addict is ever going to drink that much tea!  Although I'm sure I'll come close in my lifetime!

So stay tuned.  You never know when the next great pot of tea is going to be served at my home.....

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