Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I put the Lime in the Coconut in the teapot...

...but I didn't drink it all up!

Thank you to the wonderful people at California Tea House for making what is currently my #1 favorite tea....Lime in the Coconut.

I love the flavor of lime.
I love the flavor of coconut.
And I love green tea.
Mix them all together & you have Lime in the Coconut.  And the making of a new favorite tea!

I stumbled upon several reviews of this flavor on Steepster (check out their website  I can't recommend that site highly enough!  It's for tea addicts like myself.

So the reviews on Lime in the Coconut were good.  Everyone was saying how strong the lime flavor is in this tea.  That made me check out the California Tea House site.  A great place for tea! 
Check them out -->

For $5 I ordered a sample bag of the tea.  I figured I'd try it without making a serious commitment to having to buy the big bag.

After my first cup, I not only commited to owning more of this tea, I bought the biggest bag available!

This tea works hot or iced.  And I'm seriously going to pick up a bottle of rum to make this a potent iced tea!  I'm already looking forward to having this in the fridge during the hot NY summer.

Now let me backtrack a little...
I started becoming a tea addict a little over a year ago.  It started when I was planning my 40 celebrations (see my other blog).  I put a tea party on my list of things to do.  I was really looking forward to it, so I made it happen.

It started with finding loose leaf tea.
I searched the web & ended up on Adagio Teas.  After reading the reviews on the site, I decided to try their teas.  Sample bags start at $2, so it was time to try as many as possible. 

Then I ended up looking at teapots.  Hey, for loose leaf tea you're going to need a good teapot.  So I treated myself a glass teapot.

That's when the shopping frenzy for teaware started.

I was looking on Amazon, ebay, & every site I could find for teapots, teacups & saucers, tea sets, strainers, tea & all things needed for a tea party.

But this tea set had caught my eye on Amazon....

I had bought the teapot in Home Goods sometime last year.  They didn't have the complete set, but I thought the pattern was pretty.  Plus I had plain white cups, so it would match okay.  After doing some research on the brand I found it on Amazon.  However, the set had been out of stock since sometime before my birthday.  Oh well.  I waited....

The waiting paid off!
Just last week the set became available again & I went for it!  I ordered it early on Friday morning & by Monday night, it was waiting for me when I came home from work.  I love Amazon!

I was anxious to use this set.  But Monday night would be too busy for me.  I washed the set & left it to dry on the drainboard.  I wanted to really break it in properly & make myself a great tea worthy of my new favorite tea set.

Yes, I'm a dork like that!  :)

So Lime in the Coconut would be used to break in this new beautiful tea set.  My favorite tea in my favorite tea set.

The set includes a four cup teapot, a creamer, a sugar bowl & four teacups & saucers.  Even with all the teapots & teacups & saucers I own, this is the only complete matching set I have.  And I love it!

I used five teaspoons of the tea & a slice of lime in the pot.

I love the smell of this tea from the time you open the bag, to the brewing & steeping & then as I drink it.  It definitely has a strong lime scent.  I love that.  And the flavor is strong as is the coconut.  Mixed with green tea, this is a wonderful cuppa tea.

I enjoyed the first three cups warm & relaxed after a long day at work.  Then I let the candle in the teapot warmer go out.  I left the tea leaves in the pot & waited a little while for the tea to cool down.  Once it did, I poured a glass over some ice.  OMG!  This tea rocks iced or hot!

Before going to bed, I strained the rest of the tea & put it into a water bottle to let it cool overnight in the fridge.  I was glad I did.

This morning I added a slice of fresh lime to the bottle & it was wonderful!  It was perfect.

I'm definitely going to keep this tea on hand at all times.  It was amazing hot or iced.  The flavor was delightful!

I'm looking forward to sharing this flavor & my new tea set with others!

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