Monday, January 2, 2012

The calm before the storm...

Tomorrow I return to work after being off for 12 days.  While I enjoyed my time off, it's time to get back to work & dealing with reality.

Today however I still have time to relax & enjoy the silence that fills my home.  And to increase the relaxation plan I will brew up a pot of tea & enjoy lunch.

This morning I found myself in my local supermarket picking up some essentials.  While in the produce section I spotted my favorite jar of Sun Dried Tomato Pesto.  That's when I decided to have lunch.  I picked up a huge beefstake tomato & a loaf of Oatmeal bread & as I finished shopping, I was planning which tea to make. 

I knew I had to go with a simple tea.  Something without a fruit flavor.  Something that will brew dark & work iced in case I get tired of the hot tea.

And so I picked London Cuppa.

I received this big bag...440 teabags, from a friend for Christmas.  My friends know my tea you do too, well, you do if you are reading this blog!

So I get home, make a sandwich & put the kettle on the stove.  I am ready to spend my last day off having a great cuppa tea & a sandwich.

Today I used my cow themed teapot.  A gift from my friend Robin.  I love this little teapot!  It's four cups worth of tea any time I want it.  And today I want it.

I still have my Christmas tree up.  I'm starting to think I might leave it up all year.  I love the dim lighting in my living room from this tree.  With all the other lights off, the tree makes me feel at ease. 

I'm relaxed on the couch & the tea is ready for drinking.

London Cuppa is a simple plain black tea.  Nothing overly special about it, other than it brews really well & doesn't get bitter.  It's forgiving in that you can't oversteep it.  You can leave the teabag in the pot & the pot on the warmer & it won't get too overbearing. 

I love this tea.  It's fast & easy to make when you don't want the mess of cleaning up tea leaves.  It's easy to have on hand & make in a pinch when you want that plain simple black tea flavor.

I love this tea.  It never comes out bad.  It always has this lovely shade of brown color about it.  With just a little Sugar in the Raw added to it, I'm off to enjoy an afternoon cuppa tea.

I end up drinking three cups hot.  I love sipping it slowly to let the relaxation last just a little while longer.....

I will even have a few tea bisuits just for the fun of it.

I wish I could do this every day for lunch.  Maybe I should see if I could do this ritual at work somehow....Hmm...I'll have to work that into my things to do for 2012.

I will end up drinking one cup iced.  It works pretty good iced, but I do appreciate this tea hot more than iced.

I wish every day could be this relaxed & peaceful.  I feel so at ease...even now as I find these words. 

I am ready for whatever awaits me tomorrow at work.  I'm feeling so peaceful that I want to keep this feeling going.  I wish I could bottle it up & drink it back down when I need it.  Oh well...maybe it's just a matter of drinking really good tea more?  Hmm...there's a thought.

So two days into the New Year & two blog entries about my tea addiction.  Not sure I'm going to be able to do this daily...we'll see.

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