Saturday, March 3, 2012


Today's tea for review....Ripened Aged Puerh Mini Tuocha from Teavivre.

First off, I must share their link .
I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful their teas are!

I love being able to drink my loose leaf tea at work.  It means having to use the paper filters, I am partial to the ones from Adagio, to be able to brew a proper cup.  I don't mind having to do this since it means I get a great cuppa tea.

After going to the Coffee & Tea Festival last weekend, I now have another way to brew loose leaf tea at work.

Behold....the Tea Travel Mug from Tavalon....

This wonderfully made tea travel mug is perfect!
In the cap, there is a filter that you can store loose leaf tea.  You add hot water to the mug, put the cap on, then flip down the handle & it drops the infuser filter into the water & thus starting the process of making a great cuppa tea. 

I love this travel mug for when I am at work.  It helps me make a great cuppa tea & also allows me to enjoy the cup over time.  Plus for most of the teas I love that can be re-steeped over the day, this mug is truly perfect!!

Today I will use the mug for my favorite tea....Ripened Aged Puerh Mini Tuocha from Teavivre.

Thank you Angel for contacting me through Steepster & generously sharing your amazing teas with me!  I have several reviews that still need to be done.  I expect to have them posted soon.

Puerh tea has become my newest favorite tea.
Puerh, pronounced poo-air, comes in two types of tea.
Ripened or shou refers to those varieties that have gone through a proper post-fermentation process.
Raw or sheng refers to those varieties that go through the process of gradual darkening through exposure to the environmental elements.

Puerh teas, either type, can often be stored for maturity before consumption.  Most are often labeled with year of picking as well as the region of production. 

Puerh tea can often get very costly due to it's aging ability.

This Puerh from Teavivre is the first puerh tea I have tried.  And I have to admit, I love it.  It definitely sets the standard for which all future Puerh teas to be compared to.

This Puerh from Teavivre is pressed into a bowl shape.  It's then wrapped & stored in the silver bag. 

There is a fish smell to this tea.  Fear not.  It's not found in the taste!

Instead, there is a wonderfully Earthy taste.  Dirt almost, but not in a harsh way.  Very simple & wonderul.  And I love it dark!

The first cup....

And yes, I let it brew that dark.  It's not bitter....just really strong.  And I love my tea strong & bold & with a good kick to it!

No sugar.
No milk. 
I love my Puerh in it's raw natural form. 
The flavor speaks volumes to me & I must have it this way. 
Any other way & it's ruined for me.

So here's how the lovely travel mug works....add the tea to the infuser filter....

Add hot water to the mug & screw the cap back on....then drop the handle to drop the infuser into the water....

The steeping time takes a few minutes.  No longer than when you brew it at home.  And then you have a wonderful cuppa tea at work!

I love that Puerh teas can be re-steeped throughout the day.  I can normally get four to five good re-steeps from one little cake.

Cup #2....

Cup # 3.......

I am so thankful for finding this travel mug from Tavalon. 
Find it here -->

I have only had it a few days & I can give it a 5 star rating!  It works great for my loose leaf tea addiction & allows me to use it at work.  While I will still use the paper filters, this travel mug is perfect!


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